SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Crime in the Streets: A Performance About Survival in the City Windows: No. 29 - 3299 16th Street Windows: No. 20 - 292 7th St. A Participation Piece by Willoughby Sharp Opening the Museum of Conceptual Art Windows: No. 34 - 2951 24th Street Chevrolet Training film: the Re-make A ten minute meeting, November 10, 1975, Union Square between Roberta and B Windows: No. 47 - 740 McAllister Polytox Park Windows: No. 03 - 1460 Grant Great Moments Chicken Dance ALLMYDIRTYBLUECLOTHES Cup/Couch Windows: No. 30 - 908 Valencia Street A Sonorous Monologue Sculpture in Three Parts Yellow Cabs Which Hunt Hand Generated Light