SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Exhibition: The Eighties Five Habitats for Five Members Windows: No. 32 - 3530 20th St. Windows: No. 51 - O'Farrell & Polk Streets Public Theater #3: What Do Blindmen Dream? Sitting Still II Edited by Fire Café Society (Last Day at Breen’s Bar) Windows: No. 20 - 292 7th St. Adaqtation and Imbulgence [sic], part two, a narration Epidemic of Fear: The Relief of Mass Hysteria Through Expression of Senseless Jungle Hate The Perfect Kiss Coming & Going: Angel Island Social Experiment: Avant Guard Security Learning to Talk Opening My Hand as Slowly as Possible Garcon Windows: No. 31 - 933 Valencia Street Ballerina Past, Present, Future Tense