SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Performance Sky and Water, Fort Point Windows: No. 49 - 2049 Fillmore Lying in a Crib for Three Hours Listening to My Mother Talk About Me As An Infant 32 Feet Per Second Per Second Windows: No. 36 - 2840 Mission Windows: No. 31 - 933 Valencia Street lecture/demonstration Drum Brush Lecture Windows: No. 27 - 2765 16th Street The Lady and the Lamb or the Goat and the Hag A Wall in Venice/3 Women/Wet Shadows: A Performance Landscape Windows: No. 42 - 11 Clement Street Pig Sonata Windows: No. 47 - 740 McAllister A Collaboration between Allan Fish and Tom Marioni Windows: No. 53 - 1077 Post Street Residency at San Francisco Giants Spring Training Camp in Preparation for Videoape, Game of the Week Windows: No. 09 - Pacific & Grant A ten minute meeting, November 10, 1975, Union Square between Roberta and B