SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Piss Piece Windows: No. 19 - 9th Street and Mission Windows: No. 32 - 3530 20th St. Red Sunday Outcalls/Riptides Media Burn Windows: No. 14 - 861 Kearny Really, I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before, He Said Windows: No. 15 - 505 Mission Walking Mission Street Marking the Dilemma An Unfortunate Spectacle of Violent Self-Distruction Actmusikspectakle V, Region I, Looped Windows: No. 21 - 530 Bryant Exhibition: The Eighties Windows: No. 09 - Pacific & Grant Epidemic of Fear: The Relief of Mass Hysteria Through Expression of Senseless Jungle Hate Three Over Par: Structural Additions to Parcourse Fitness Program Windows: No. 46 - 542 Hayes Killing a Painting