SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Golden Gate Promenade, West of Parcourse #10 at Crissy Field Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Suzanne Helmuth and Jock Reynolds, Three Over Par: Structural Additions to Parcourse Fitness Program (12th November-9th December 1977)



The work was sited along the Golden Gate Promenade located in the Golden Gate Recreation Area near the Coast Guard Station at the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s popular with strollers, joggers, and photographers. Already built into this landscape was a fitness parcourse with structures labeled for particular exercises (vaulting, chin-ups, etc.) with intervals for jogging between exercise stations. We built three more stations extending west from the furthest official station. These Three Over Par structures were built of the same redwood beam materials as the fitness stations; however, offered no instructions for use. (SF MoMA 2012)

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