SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Sutro Bath ruins, Point Lobos, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Lands End

Darryl Sapien with Michael Hinton, Split-Man Bisects the Pacific (24th September 1974)



Split Man Bisects the Pacific seemed an epic reenactment of some forgotten myth or legend. It took place on a foggy night at the bottom of the “Lands End” cliffs west of the Golden Gate. There Sapien had built a white wooden wheel nine feet in diameter on an old stone causeway (leading out into the ocean from the Roman-like ruins of the Sutro Baths) to a small rocky island 150 feet from shore. A search light directly above on the cliffs illuminated the wheel as Sapien and Hinton, strapped to either side and unable to see each other, slowly rolled the wheel across the stone ramp to the island and back. They synchronized their movements through microphones and their communications were amplified for the crowd of spectators on the cliffs. (Kelb 1977: 48)

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