SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Outcalls/Riptides Windows: No. 26 - 1235 Howard Street Artists at Work Windows: No. 42 - 11 Clement Street Mysteries of the Reactionary Mind Windows: No. 12 - 839 Kearney Elect Lowell Darling Governor: Last Chance to Influence the Candidate and Get a Campaign Button Windows: No. 52 - 725 Larkin Street Addressing the Mayor R-Byte ist wurst den R-B-Art (deep logic, nocturne, apollo jest) The Next Governor Lowell Darling: A Fund Raising One thousand Dollar a Plate Dinner Tree Windows: No. 46 - 542 Hayes An Exhibition of Performance Machinery Guaranteed to Fulfill Your Most Far-Out Entertainment Fantasies Great Moments I Became a Secret Hippie Studio Berkeley Coming and Going: BART Odalisque The Museum of Conceptual Art at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art