SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Outcalls/Riptides A Sonorous Monologue Windows: No. 01 - 2169 Jones Untitled Exhibition: Performance/Art/Artists/Performers Waiting Pisces Floating Seminar #1 / Art as Theory as Art Learning to Talk Windows: No. 42 - 11 Clement Street Cows Kearny St Project: Department of Art Works Windows: No. 37 - 3372 26th Street Windows: No. 51 - O'Farrell & Polk Streets Chevrolet Training film: the Re-make Residency at San Francisco Giants Spring Training Camp in Preparation for Videoape, Game of the Week Corner Push Windows: No. 15 - 505 Mission Gyro 9 Esteish Fright (Stage Fright)