SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Windows: No. 38 - 2195 Market Assured Destructive Capability Summer Offensive Windows: No. 04 - 1458 Grant Learning to Talk Outcalls/Riptides Windows: No. 36 - 2840 Mission Useless Mechanical Activity Windows: No. 35 - 3026 24th Street Synthetic Ritual The Sound of Flight Diffusion Capsule Actmusikspectakle V, Region I, Looped Light at the Opera/Composition in Deep Windows: No. 39 - 532 Irving Esteish Fright (Stage Fright) A Collaboration between Allan Fish and Tom Marioni Elect Lowell Darling Governor: Last Chance to Influence the Candidate and Get a Campaign Button House of Cars Adaqtation and Imbulgence [sic], part two, a narration