SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Coming & Going: Angel Island Night of the Succubus Home Endurance Windows: No. 05 - 644 Broadway Surf Line Windows: No. 33 - 3197 19th Street Exhibition: John Woodall, The Noumenal Statis Staes ALLMYDIRTYBLUECLOTHES Installation at his house Killing a Painting Songs of the 80s: The Performance Windows: No. 02 - 543 Columbus Fiery Presentation of Dangerous and Disturbing Stunt Phenomena Windows: No. 17 - 781 Mission Handcuff: Linda Montano and Tom Marioni An Exhibition of Performance Machinery Guaranteed to Fulfill Your Most Far-Out Entertainment Fantasies Exhibition: The Eighties Windows: No. 53 - 1077 Post Street A Short Excursion into the Bottomless Pit of Everlasting Fire Roberta Look Alike Contest