SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Listening to the 80s: Inside/Outside Windows: No. 43 - 1604 Hayes The Dante Hotel Pig Sonata Songs of the 80s: The Performance Windows: No. 04 - 1458 Grant 552 Steps through 11 Pairs of String Cows Piss Piece Defoliation Piece Café Society (Last Day at Breen’s Bar) Portable Park II Don't Be Chicken Last Rites While Lying in my Own Shell Reconstruction of a Portion of the Sidewalk at 500 Capp Street Mysteries of the Reactionary Mind Windows: No. 34 - 2951 24th Street Windows: No. 16 - 74 Mission Oil House of Cars Windows: No. 53 - 1077 Post Street