SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Adaqtation and Imbulgence [sic], part two, a narration Windows: No. 04 - 1458 Grant Pretending to be a Gargoyle Windows: No. 25 - 965 Howard Street Flagellating Doppler In Transit Windows: No. 13 - 855 Kearny Surf Line Exhibition: The Eighties Portable Park I Food For Machines A ten minute meeting, November 10, 1975, Union Square between Roberta and B A Wall in Venice/3 Women/Wet Shadows: A Performance Landscape Roberta Look Alike Contest Windows: No. 46 - 542 Hayes King’s Meditation Epidemic of Fear: The Relief of Mass Hysteria Through Expression of Senseless Jungle Hate Sitting Still II Windows: No. 19 - 9th Street and Mission Polytox Park