SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Defoliation Piece 32 Feet Per Second Per Second O.O. Inside Mysteries of the Reactionary Mind Ballerina Artists at Work Asbestos Tracking Cruel and Relentless Plot to Pervert the Flesh of Beasts to Unholy Uses Really, I’ve Never Done Anything Like This Before, He Said Windows: No. 12 - 839 Kearney Street Virus Windows: No. 34 - 2951 24th Street A Collaboration between Allan Fish and Tom Marioni Windows: No. 54 - 1612 Post Street Windows Floating Seminar #2 / A Survey of Alternative Art Spaces in San Francisco Windows: No. 27 - 2765 16th Street Pisces Actmusikspectakle V, Region I, Looped Ordinary Life, Part Two