SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Pretending to be a Gargoyle Hypnosis, Dream, Sleep Windows: No. 05 - 644 Broadway Windows: No. 34 - 2951 24th Street lecture/demonstration Windows: No. 39 - 532 Irving Windows: No. 50 - 1836 Buchanan Windows: No. 06 - 1417 Powell An Unfortunate Spectacle of Violent Self-Distruction Windows: No. 09 - Pacific & Grant Reconstruction of a Portion of the Sidewalk at 500 Capp Street Edited by Fire Ordinary Life, Part Two The Artist-President delivers the keynote address for Media Burn Asbestos Tracking Tree Portable Park III Songs of the 80s: The Performance The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art Chair Installation