SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85
Cows The Perfect Kiss Food For Machines Piss Piece Pig Sonata I Became a Secret Hippie Paradise regain’d Paradise lost Elect Lowell Darling Governor: Last Chance to Influence the Candidate and Get a Campaign Button Actmusikspectakle V, Region I, Looped Arrowcatcher Windows: No. 23 - 539 Howard Street Windows: No. 43 - 1604 Hayes Night of the Succubus Don't Be Chicken Last Rites While Lying in my Own Shell Windows: No. 42 - 11 Clement Street Windows: No. 20 - 292 7th St. Useless Mechanical Activity Windows: No. 11 - 1270 Pacific Great Moments Cruel and Relentless Plot to Pervert the Flesh of Beasts to Unholy Uses