SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Museum of Conceptual Art (MOCA), 75 3rd Street, now redeveloped

Exhibition: Opening of The Museum of Conceptual Art at 75 3rd Street (3rd January 1973)

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On Wednesday, January 3, 1973, the Museum of Conceptual Art opened its doors across the street from its previous space in San Francisco. The new address (75 Third Street) is above the Breen’s Bar where many previous showings by MOCA have occurred. In this dingy loft, previously used by a printing company, about 500 artists and viewers gathered between 7pm and 11pm expecting to witness a startling new show by the museum’s curator Tom Marioni. Instead, they were left staring at each other and less than adequate quantity of bottled Fisher beer. By the time I arrived at 9 pm, the two turkeys and other delicacies placed near the entrance were nothing more than grisly carcass's and empty plates. Here are the sounds of the crowd at that event, an interview with Director Tom Marioni and his mother from Cincinnati, Ohio, and a long recording of the opening and closing of the refrigerator door by thirsty members of the crowd looking in vain for another beer. (Amirkhanian 1973)

Curator(s): Tom Marioni

Participants: Unrecorded

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