SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

80 Langton Street

Guy De Cointet, OH, A BEAR! (29th March 1978)

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The performance work of De Cointet (with Mary Ann Duganne, Monica Tenner, and Jane Zingale), involved props and spoken texts. The rehearsed texts are memorized or read, but always acted out in a dramatic fashion, borrowing form the theatre some of its techniques. The action of OH, A BEAR! Takes place in Maggie’s living room. On one side is a window, overlooking her garden. On the walls hang several paintings. Sitting on tables or on the floor are books, pieces of sculpture and other objects. During the performance these objects, all abstract, are presented, experience and discussed by the two characters in the piece, Maggie and her friend Pamela. (Pritikin 1978, pages unnumbered)