SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Malvina's Coffee House, 1600 Stockton Street at Union, now Café Divine

Paul Kagawa, Floating Seminar #1/Art as Theory as Art (3pm, 5th May 1975)

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In order to promote communication in the Bay Area art community and to provide an informal public situation for airing opinions about various issues, I propose to organize a “Floating Seminar” series. The program is designed to supplement the vast amount of visual and conceptual art being produced and shown in the area, and to promote personal confrontation and dialog between artists and individuals in a non-institutional setting.

The seminars will take place on the first Monday of each month at a specified location […] Seminar #1 is scheduled for Monday May 5, 1975 at Malvina’s coffee house, 512 Union St., (near Grant) San Francisco, from noon to 3pm. Suggestions for locations of future seminars as well as topics for future discussions will be appreciated. The topics should be loosely descriptive yet specific enough to provide a basis for dialog. The topic for Seminar #1 is tentatively scheduled to be “Art as theory as Art.” (Loeffler and Tong 1980: 124)