SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Richmond Art Center, 2450 Barrett Avenue, Richmond

Paul Kos, Quid Pro Quo-Process Sculpture (1970)

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Remove the object in art, or so de-objectify it that the passing of money between patron and artist becomes the art. Process becomes art. Patron becomes artist. Artist becomes patron. Banks become museums.


1. Cut out above check.
2. Fill in your appropriate banking information.
3. Inscribe any amount of money you desire, which may be charged to your account.
4. Endorse the check.
5. Your cancelled check will be your art. Not valid unless cancelled.
6. I will in turn send you a check for the exact amount you send me.
7. Mail to: "NON-OBJECT" Paul Kos. c/o Richmond Art Center. Richmond. California, 94804.
8. Your check will be exhibited in Richmond's Sculpture Annual, and deposited in my account at show's close, at which time you will receive your "cancelled art," and a check from me for the same amount. (Kos in Loeffler and Tong 1980: 7).

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