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Ed Mock Dance Studio, 32 Page Street, now private residence

Mark Pauline/Survival Research Laboratories, Night of the Succubus (4pm, 5th June 1981)



MARK: Well, if things that are dead make people feel funny, then what are people going to think if they see things that are definitely dead, but are moving around and look like they're alive? When we first made the little robot for the Night of The Succubus, that's when me and Monte Cazazza started on a new trend.

R/S: That robot elicited a rather strong reaction--someone attacked it with a chair--

MARK:That robot became a big star--he was in theater, TV, in the paper one time. Monte wanted a prop for this show he and "Factrix" were doing. He had made a dart gun already; we were talking about it and I said, Why don't you make a robot with meat parts? And he goes, Yeah! So we got all these meat parts and sewed them onto this robot. We used pigs feet, pig hide, and a cows head and bolted it onto this little fellow who kinda looked like a pig--it had a motor on it and when you turned the motor on it would just vibrate and shake like he was sick, like he maybe had a fever. His little paws were hanging down in front and kind of drawn up in back and his back was twisted in a funny way. One of his paws had a little cable attached to it, and if you've ever seen an animal that's been injured (like hit by a car) that's the motion we got. Then his arm would hit his head and make his head turn to the side. We had him wrapped up in butcher paper on the stage--I cut the butcher paper off with my butcher suit on , and Monte started shooting it with exploding darts. "Factrix" and Monte made a good videotape of that. (Pauline 1983)

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