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Metro Park parking lot on 2nd and Folsom Streets, now Priority Parking parking lot

Mark Pauline/Survival Research Laboratories, An Unfortunate Spectacle of Violent Self-Distruction (4pm, 6th September 1981)



An Unfortunate Spectacle of Violent Self-Destruction was more intense, and very, very, dangerous. Besides using a lot of different machines, I employed a wide variety of weapons, and the most extreme array of explosives I could think of, or at least get my hands. I used my laser—a high-powered carbon dioxide laser, that’s about six feet long and can burn a hole through a ⅛ inch metal plate a few hundred feet away; my exploding dart guns, which are giant automatic air guns—with about four hundred pounds of compressed air—that shoot exploding dart-like shells; a huge catapult that was manned by four guys at once, that shot rocks and iron spears at a target—a giant image of this guy’s face—plus a lot of rockets and high-explosive land mines. (Pauline in Edmonson 1983)

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