SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

500 Capp Street (Capp Street Project)

Barbara Smith, Tree (3rd November-22nd December 1984)



There would be a central image and theme of a tree. The visitor would walk through or around a variety of images and sequences of threes (sic) and find a set of instructions which direct him/her to a nearby site at the end of the interior tour. When they found that tree it would be flocked with bead glass. Then there would be another sign directing the visitor to another knoll like location without a tree in his/her mind. And to “be with” that image until it no longer was a living experience.

In the exhibition space, there would also be a collection of various tree images; spinal column and brain, a river delta, etc.

Maybe I would do three different pieces, one for each month. A second piece might be a meal created out of the local circumstances, people, foods, and be documented. A final piece would be a personal interaction with my collaborator: a final mutual meditation to be decided between us. (Smith 1984)