SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Golden Gate National Recreation Area

Exhibition: Installation and Performance Pieces, Golden Gate National Recreation Area (15th October-9th December 1977)



Organized by SFMMA in conjunction with America 1976, a bicentennial exhibition organized by the United States Department of the Interior. October 15. Dennis Leon, untitled installation, Oakwood Valley, Marin County, constructed rope lattice in the landscape; October 22, Mel Henderson with Joe Hawley, “Surf Line,” Ocean Beach, San Francisco, light performance at night with searchlights, balloons and sheets of polythene; October 29, Peter D’Agostino, “coming and going: Angel Island,” participants made new film by assembling strips of D’Agostino’s filmed trip from top of mountain on Angel Island to San Francisco via ferry: November 12-December 9, Suzanne Hellmuth and Jock Reynolds, “3 Over Par,” Golden Gate Promenade, San Francisco, three structures created as a physical and perceptual extension of the Fitness Parcourse (Foley 1980: 182)

Curator(s): San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Participants: Dennis Leon, Mel Henderson, Joe Hawley, Peter D’Agostino, Suzanne Helmuth, Jock Reynolds.