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Dante Hotel (Rooms 47 and 50) 310 Columbus Avenue, now Europa Hotel

Lynn Hershman and Eleanor Coppola, The Dante Hotel (29th November 1973-31st August 1974)



Lynn Hershman: I think that was the first interesting thing I did. I just set up a hotel room you could go 24 hours a day, any day of the week. You could sign in at the desk, get a key, go up to the room, and trespass into this kind of alien identity that was there. There were two wax figures that were lying in the bed as you entered the room, two women. Articles of their lives were part of the environment, so you got a sense of the people who inhabited the space. I used what was there, changing it as little as I could. A special record was made for sound, and I used different kinds of lighting.

Moira Roth: We should mention that the Dante Hotel is a rather sleazy hotel, shabby and slightly ominous. (Loeffler and Tong 1980: 305)

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