SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Reese Palley Gallery, 140 Maiden Lane, now Xanadu Gallery

Terry Fox, Corner Push (May 1970)



The Wall Push piece. It was like having a dialogue with the wall, exchanging energy with it.  I pushed as hard as I could for about eight or nine minutes, until I was too tired to push any more. I used to park my car every day in that alley and I always looked at those walls but never touched them. Then one day I touched one of the walls, felt its solidity, its belly. I realized we were both the same but we had no dialogue, in a sense. We normally just walk by those things, not feeling connected to them. […]

Pushing into a Corner at Reese Palley in San Francisco. That was the negative of the Wall Push piece. A corner is the opposite of a wall. That was a short piece, it was hard to do. I was trying to push as much of my body as I could into the corner. My feet got in the way. I tried to stand on my toes, but it didn’t work. You lose balance. (Fox 2000: 23)