SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

80 Langton Street

Tony Labat, Esteish Fright (Stage Fright) (2nd-13th January 1979)



Installation steel wires, coffee grounds, drum machine, and red spotlight, dimensions variable […] Steel wire stretches taught at ankle height (tripping device) around 4 posts with a red light projected in the centre, seducing viewers to an unreachable, unsafe space.

…so now my friends, the final curtain , black and dark inside, a RED stage square spot-light, the aroma of coffee, a mechanical drummer, (laughter) three sets of wires pulled tightly within the four center posts at about ankle height, (a tripping device).

Simulating a motel lounge atmosphere? Naw, that’ a lie. More like something in between Rocky and Saturday Night Fever, so then, what does this mean? Nothing, unless you were there. (Labat in Pritikin 1979)