SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Lucy Stern 101, Mills College, 5000 Mc Arthur Boulevard, Oakland

Jim Pomeroy, R-Byte ist wurst den R-B-Art (deep logic, nocturne, apollo jest) (8pm, 29th March 1978)



Nocturne III will be a hybrid of several early performances – Nocturne I & II, which uses quadraphonic snoring to chorus the reading of exotic “dreams,” Ancestral Rotation, which is a personal tribute to my grandfather as on of the composers of the Whiffenpoof Song using live and taped flute, and Cunning Caged Hams a song and dance (danced by Jim Melchert and a stepladder) piece using agrarian folktales from Texas. The piece will use a large plastic bass flute to “gate” stories from a tape recorder in a dream-like setting. Also a corny piece, a little night music in a non-traditional sense based upon the obscure work by Sigmund Freud, Unconscious Blokes and Their Dreamy Relations.

Apollo Jest is a re-reading of one of the most important myths of our time, man’s landing on the moon, told in dramatic 3-D. The pictures are either taken with a cheap polaroid or found in collections of antique stereopticon cards. It’s very much a device from 19th-century technology and uses red-green viewer glasses like in the early ‘50’s. Sort of another “twice-told tale.” (Pomeroy 1978)