SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Fort Point, Old Mason Street

Peter D'Agostino, Passages (3rd November 1976)



The corridor at Fort Point is a series of rooms receding into other rooms ending in an undefined dark space.
Waiting in the corner of the dark room, I watch your approaching shadow against the light in the video monitor.
As you pass into the room, I cross to open gate-like wooden doors shattering the brief reality of self-perception with a flood of permeating – yet illusive – outside light.

PASSING endless rooms through an empty CORRIDOR

WAITING in the corner of the darkest ROOM for the LIGHT. (D'Agostino 1976: 27)

The PASSAGES video performance/installations at Fort Point (Dec 1974 and Nov 1975) were composed of live and recorded images and sounds juxtaposing my walks with those of the participants walking through the fort. Video monitors located throughout the corridors temporarily lit the darkened spaces with images of the surrounding landscape and sounds of the ocean hitting the breakers under the Golden Gate Bridge. (SF MoMA 2012)