SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

Mission Street

T.R. Uthco (Diane Hall, Doug Hall, Jody Proctor), Walking Mission Street (Spring 1975)



Meredith Tromble: In the performance Walking Mission Street (1976) you and Jody Proctor traversed the entire eight-mile length of Mission Street in San Francisco, walking in silence. Was the point of that piece to create an inner experience of the space for yourselves?

Doug Hall: No, it was an image. We were following a marker through a series of zones, a series of situations called psycho-geographical spaces, which were all different, and we were the thing that was consistent through it. I would like to believe that there is emotional and psychological content in my work, but I don’t think it ever provided an expressionist moment. (Hall and Tromble 2000: 18)