SiteWorks: San Francisco performance 1969-85

63 Bluxome Street at 4th Street, now 63 Bluxome Gallery

Terry Fox, Halation (November 1974)



 […] took place in a large empty garage in San Francisco in November 1974. In the dark room I placed two candles bent into semi-circles on the floor to form a circle. Each candle was lit at one end so as to form double flames always burning opposite each other. This was used as the timing element to establish the duration of the performance, which was approximately one hour. As the people entered the performance I gave each one  a piece of freshly baked bread from a loaf about 1 ½ metres long made especially for this performance.  Next to the candles I placed a large cauldron-shaped aluminium bowl and iron parabolic plow disc. I continuously bowed the edges of both bowls simultaneously with two heavily rosined [sic] violin bows producing deeply resonant, reverberating sounds. As the sound waves from the plow disc, which were emanating horizontally, interfered with the sound waves from the large aluminum bowl, which were emanating vertically, a heavy beating sound was produced and gave a strong rhythmic character to the performance. (Fox 2000: 115)