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63 Bluxome Street at 4th Street, now 63 Bluxome Street Gallery

Linda Montano, Lying in a Crib for Three Hours Listening to My Mother Talk About Me As An Infant (2nd November 1974)



For three hours I laid in a baby crib and listened to tapes of my mother talking about me as an infant. It was All Souls Day and our dog Chicken died as I was performing. (Montano 1981, pages unnumbered)

In Death and Birth: A Crib Event [sic], she lay for three hours in a baby’s crib, dressed in a nightgown and covered with baby blankets, while a tape loop of her mother talking about her conception and birth played over and over. Under the crib was a square of fake grass, with white feathers and plastic flowers scattered over it; in front, partially veiling the scene, were four squares of white cloth. (Kleb 1977: 46)